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Artist Olga Belka will teach everyone to paint underwater in the Maldives

The unique artist Olga Belka will spend the whole of June in the Maldives creating underwater paintings. All guests of Anantara hotels will be able to enjoy watching the process of creating paintings inside of ocean for free. Only while relaxing in the Anantara Veli, Dhigu and Naladhu hotels in June, you can get an
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Underwater artist Olga Belka conquered Taiwan

Russian artist Olga Belka conquered the guests at the exhibition in Taiwan. From April 26 to April 29 famous exhibition Art Revolution Taipei 2019 was held in Taiwan. Artist Olga Belka from Russia became one of the most striking and memorable person, presenting her unique paintings painted underwater. Delighted guests, who could not hide their
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Legacy of the ages

canvas, underwater painting 30х50 2018 These amphoras at the bottom, of course, are not an archaeological value. They were created and flooded by the forces of the nearby dive centers at a depth of 8-10 meters specifically to attract tourists. In addition, they serve as an excellent refuge for fish and convenient home for corals.
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The Pathway

canvas, underwater painting 60х80 2018 «It was on the shallow waters that I saw this small cleft, it reminded me some fairy-tale way going very far. I decided that this is my new spot for a new painting. But that was not so easy. Waves and tides were revolving the sand, storming onto my easel
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The spirit of White Lady

canvas, underwater painting 30х50 *3 2018 «Triptych was conceived based on ghost legends. There are such legends in every place. Lady in white appears in many legends. My White Lady is a collective image. Does she stop or warn? Will she bring luck or trouble? Come up with your version of the legend depicted in
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The underwater painter will show her paintings at Art Revolution Taipei 2019

From April 26 to April 29, 2019, Olga Belka will take part in the international show Art Revolution Taipei as a special guest. Olga Belka is an underwater artist who developed her own technology for painting underwater. Art Revolution Taipei is an art exhibition that will provide pieces of art from 460 artists from 81
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Underwater artist Olga Belka is waiting for you at Thailand Yacht Show in Phuket

As a special guest, underwater artist Olga Belka takes part in an internationally unique event – Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous in Phuket in Royal Phuket Marina from January 10 to 13, 2019 Olga Belka is a professional underwater artist. She is a painter who creates her artworks completely underwater. She is the only underwater
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Olga Belka’s Underwater Painting – the first exhibition in Thailand

We invite you to the First exhibition of Underwater painting by Olga Belka in Thailand, which will be held on Phuket Island at the Dewa Phuket Hotel from December 24, 2018, to January 7, 2019, daily from 10 to 18 hours. Olga Belka is a painter who creates her art completely under water and is
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The world’s first underwater portrait painter Olga Belka

I am a professional underwater artist and the only underwater portrait painter in the world. A skillfully painted portrait not only captures the appearance of posing but also conveys a special inner state, keeps a part of his soul. Creating a portrait is always shrouded in mystery. Photography captures the moment, and the picture harbors
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(Русский) #OLGABELKA: подводнаяживопись 2.0 – открытие выставки

(Русский) Холодным серым осенним вечером 26 сентября москвичи были согреты жарким бризом и невероятными красками тропических морей. На торжественном открытии выставки «#OlgaBelka: подводнаяживопись 2.0» уникальная художница Ольга Белкина представила гостям свои новые картины, созданные на дне морском.

(с) Olga Belka