The world’s first underwater portrait painter Olga Belka

I am a professional underwater artist and the only underwater portrait painter in the world.

A skillfully painted portrait not only captures the appearance of posing but also conveys a special inner state, keeps a part of his soul. Creating a portrait is always shrouded in mystery. Photography captures the moment, and the picture harbors the secrets of the person depicted in it.

An underwater portrait is a completely new direction in art.

In the water column, you obey to completely different laws of physics. You are surrounded by new unfamiliar energies and a completely different harmony. You are immersed in a state unknown to you. And only an underwater artist, who is under the authority of the same energies, can put them on the canvas.

Inspired by the sea beauty, I create paintings completely from beginning to end from nature on the seabed. Ordinary people pose for me under the water. Entering the resonance, my underwater models and I create incredible scenes and compositions. People who have tried themselves in the role of underwater models say that this is not just a completely new experience, but also a transforming event. Underwater portrait allows you to see yourself differently, rethink your life path and regain contact with yourself.

Would you like to have such a portrait? Or try yourself as an underwater model?