About underwater artist Olga Belka

Olga Belka is a unique underwater artist and the only underwater portraitist in the world. She developed a unique technology of painting in salt water allowing her to paint from nature detailing the smallest details of the underwater world.

The whole process is eco-friendly. The paint does not dissolve in water at all and Olga never bothers any sea creatures. She creates paintings completely from beginning to end from nature on the seabed. Each painting requires from two to six dives and every dive lasts up to three hours. Olga managed to achieve not only the desired visual effect but also the durability of the paintings.

Olga Belka paints not only sea creatures but also staged scenes and compositions like stories of treasure. To do this, she uses additional props, safe for marine life.

Having gained experience in painting underwater landscapes, Olga Belka set about creating a completely new art direction – an underwater portrait. In the water column, humans obey completely different laws of physics and are surrounded by new unfamiliar energies and a completely different harmony. Being under the authority of the same energies, Olga captures them on canvas.

Olga Belka’s unique studio is an underwater world where she paints while scuba diving. The sea is a boundless resource of inspiration and energy for her and Olga Belka wants to share her vision of the underwater kingdom with the world. In addition, Olga wants to draw the attention of the world community to the beauties of the underwater world and the need to protect the environment. That is why Olga creates paintings underwater.


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