Closing of the exhibition “Women’s energies in underwater painting by Olga Belka”

On August 18, the exhibition “Women’s Energies in the underwater painting of Olga Belka” has closed at the Women’s Cultural Center in Library No. 4 at 50, Frunzenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia.

As part of the exhibition, a creative meeting with visitors was held, where Olga Belka spoke about the role of women as the creator of a new direction in the art and the role of women as a muse that gives energy to inspiration, about the unusual history of self-realization and success and the energy of creativity, about diving and tropical seas.

Also at the creative meeting, the film “Underwater Painting by Olga Belka ” was shown on the big screen, where visitors watched the process of creating the paintings which were presented in the exhibition.