The underwater art exhibition by Olga Belka in Auaria Phuket

Olga Belka continues to delight guests with unique paintings, created entirely on the seabed. From the beginning of November 2021, you can see and purchase unique paintings and get acquainted with the history of their creation at Aquaria Phuket, Thailand. The exhibition will run until January 30, 2022.

Aquaria Phuket is the best aquarium in Phuket and the largest in Thailand. Among the marine life in the enchanting atmosphere of the aquarium, you will see the underwater landscapes of the tropical seas of different countries, stories of treasures, and ancient legends perceived and rethought by the underwater artist. All the artworks were painted from nature using the author’s eco-friendly technique. The models for the underwater portraits were pretty ladies divers from all over the world.

Exhibitions Olga Belka underwater artist

Each painting was created over several scuba dives. And each time Olga had to spend up to 3 hours underwater. All this is to convey not only the beauty of the underwater world but also its energy. Olga Belka wants to share her amazing feelings and emotions that arise during scuba diving.