Underwater painting by Olga Belka – The first exhibition in Thailand

We invite you to the First exhibition of Underwater painting by Olga Belka in Thailand, which will be held on Phuket Island at the Dewa Phuket Hotel from December 24, 2018, to January 7, 2019, daily from 10 to 18 hours.

underwater artist olga belka

Olga Belka is a painter who creates her art completely under water and is the only underwater portrait painter in the world. She is a professional diving artist and instructor. Every time Olga submerged with scuba diving, she wanted to capture the beauty of the underwater world. So the idea of underwater painting was born. Olga has been experimenting for several years so that the pictures are durable, and at the same time, they convey all the riot of colors that photo and video filming are simply not capable of transmitting.

The artworks are created for several dives, each of which lasts up to two hours or more. Sometimes it is a portrait, sometimes it is a landscape, but you always need to work quickly, there is simply no right and time for a mistake.

underwater artist olga belka

Despite the fact that Olga Belka predominantly lives in Phuket, she holds her exhibition in Thailand for the first time, coinciding with the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Come to the exhibition to be inspired by this unusual art and the indescribable beauty of the underwater world.