The underwater artist Olga Belka is waiting for you at the international Thailand Yacht Show in Phuket

As a special guest, underwater artist Olga Belka takes part in an internationally unique event – Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous in Phuket in Royal Phuket Marina from January 10 to 13, 2019

Olga Belka is a professional underwater artist. She is a painter who creates her artworks completely underwater. She is the only underwater portraitist in the world.

In addition, Olga is a diving instructor and the head of the dive club. Being engaged in diving, Olga Belka always dreamed of capturing the beauty of the underwater world and sharing it with other people. Neither photo nor even video cannot convey all that we can see in the depths of the sea. That is why Olga began to paint her first paintings. For several years of hard work, Olga achieved not only the picturesqueness of the canvases but also their durability.

unique artist olga belka painting underwater

Olga spends several dives on each painting, each of which often lasts more than two hours. “The sea is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and energy for me,” says Olga Belka. Having mastered the genre of the underwater landscape, Olga began to create production scenes with the participation of models. She taught common people to pose at the seabed and in the water column. Thus was born the underwater portrait – the newest direction in art.

unique artist olga belka painting underwater

At the exhibition, you will see both new and already known paintings of the underwater artist. You will watch the process of creating paintings underwater in the movie. Olga herself will welcome guests at her stand all the days of the exhibition. She will be happy to meet with admirers of her work, answer all questions and share her experience and knowledge. After all, Olga, like no one else, knows a lot about the depths of the sea!

Everyone will have the opportunity to buy the finished works by Olga. And also, you can order an unusual portrait from the world’s only underwater portrait painter Olga Belka!

contemporary art Olga belka underwater painter подводный художник Ольга Белкина подводная живопись дайвинг