canvas, underwater painting


4900 USD

The painting was done in 6 dives. I conceived the idea of creating something based on the ancient myth of Danae as I saw how the sunlight shimmers through the water. It could have been Zeus who would turn into such a sharp and persistent ray of sun if Danae would have been imprisoned under the water. While yellow tropical fishes look like golden rain.

I chose a beautiful French lady Cecile as my model. She worked with me for about 90 minutes, lying on the sand surrounded by corals, greeting the sunlight and small fishes. All the other details, like corals, light, fishes, and water I created in her absence. As Cecile described it, it was a really unusual experience. She could feel sunlight feel her up with energy, giving her body lots of light and energy.

Journalists called this painting “Mermaid”, and this painting became the signature painting of my first exhibitions.

P.S. Artist Olga Belka thanks the diving center “Sea Danser” in Dahab for the provided conditions for underwater painting.