Dating in shallow water

Dating in shallow water
canvas, underwater painting



This part of the coral reef was attractive for me because it could boast of a rich color palette, the abundance of fish, and transparency of the water. I have made several paintings here. Colored fish were circling me, but I decided to devote the painting only to the colorful diversity of the reef, and the sun glare on the sand.

The marine inhabitants felt aggrieved at my lack of consideration for them. They even tried to steal my paints and brushes.

And only two yellow fish were busy with their mating rituals. It was this tiny living detail that I needed to complete the composition.

Well, actually, there is no point in trying to imagine the composition in advance. Тo guess who will visit me, a lonely artist, during the next dive, — that’s quite impossible. The underwater painting technique comes as a result of synergy between wild nature and sea inhabitants. The composition of some paintings may seem bizarre to you. One can consider it to be a different harmony created by our betters.