A heart

A heart
canvas, underwater painting



My favorite heart-shaped coral was inhabited by striped damselfish and blue fry. Several times it got into my paintings. I began my acquaintance with it with this small sketch of an album sheet size. I worked on this painting for two sessions of an hour each. It is to be noted that we have been painting it together with two young sisters from Hong Kong. They became eager to learn underwater painting after their first scuba diving lessons. Everything always works out for children, and they cope with all the tasks immediately. Children do it from the heart and get high from the process. I wish you could be able to feel the same state with all your heart at least sometimes.

P.S. Underwater artist Olga Belka thanks the Anantara group and especially the Anantara Dhugu resort in the Maldives for hospitality, full assistance, and support, as well as the Aquafanatics dive center for safety and the best diving conditions when creating this underwater artwork.