canvas, underwater painting


2900 USD

While diving, I am always stunned by the view of the water surface from under. Sun glares are dancing on its wavy surface, and, passing through the water, reflect on the corals. We can even see the reflection of corals, closest to the surface. This is what I wanted to portray in this painting, which I made in 4 dives in shallow water. It features 2 fishes of a very unusual color, called Moorish Idols.

This part of a reef is the closest to the “divers’ path”, which is used by diving instructors to take along their students and intro-divers. That’s why while I was creating this piece, I saw lots of surprised looks of by-passers. My video-operator told me that those new divers were a lot more interested in my painting, rather than looking at nature around.

P.S. Underwater artist Olga Belka appreciates the Diving Center «Anthias Divers» in Sharm El Sheikh for all the help and support in creating this painting.