In wisdom we trust

In wisdom we trust
canvas, underwater painting

10х14 inch,

1200 USD

The artwork named “In wisdom we trust” was painted during the art performance “Stop shark finning” under ADEX Malaysia 2023. This performance took place in a transparent water tank. On the other side of the tank, the audience watched for 40 minutes how I painted a rubber shark entangled in the nets. After the art performance, I decorated the painting with scraps of fishing nets like a frame.

I believe it’s irrational and unreasonable to kill a big animal for just one bowl of soup. That’s why I would like to attract the audience’s attention to the mass killing of sharks.
I understand that each of us harms the environment simply because of our existence. I am not urging you to stop traveling, washing, and eating. I encourage you to be wiser and use resources more rationally. This thing is capable of helping nature significantly.

It’s all about the “cooking” procedure. People catch hundreds of sharks. They cut off their fins alive and then throw them back into the water. Thus, the animal is condemned to a painful, slow death. Although the entire shark is edible, only the fins are eaten. Therefore, such fishing is notorious for the disproportionate harm done to living creatures. The sharks trust your wisdom!