Maldivian zebras – 1

Maldivian zebras – 1
canvas, underwater painting



The correct name for these funny marine creatures is damselfish (Dascyllus). They live in one small coral, like clownfish in the anemone, and in case of danger, they use it as a shelter. Therefore, even some professional divers consider them to be slightly changed Nemo fish. Very few people know the word “damselfish”. But if you say “Zebrafish” it will be easier for people to understand you. Damselfish look fabulous. They are flat with a high intelligent forehead, expressive eyes, and tiny mouth.

They have decorated a lot of paintings with their gleaming coloring. I painted small sketches devoted to damselfish twice. Since the first painting was intended for a private collection, I decided to paint a second one for exhibitions. There is much fish in the sea that are as like as two peas. However, there cannot be identical paintings created by the same underwater artist. Anyway, the sketches are all different.

Another version of “Maldivian zebras” here.