Neptune’s treasures

Neptune’s treasures
canvas, underwater painting


5900 USD

This submerged pile of amphorae among sandhills at a depth of 9 meters fits perfectly into my idea of ancient treasures. I have carefully sorted the props purchased at children’s toy stores in advance. Everything that even remotely resembled the antique was picturesquely scattered in front of the amphorae. Unfortunately, plastic toys are far from historical models. Weapons experts will notice the inconsistencies, but it was more important for me to convey the atmosphere.

I worked on this painting for six dives. Each time I hoped for the appearance of a turtle that often takes walks in that area. But it never paid me any attention. At some point, I decided that I would depict any fish that come to pose for me. Therefore, the painting is characterized by a large number of disparate details without a single compositional center. The world ocean harmony visualizes this space just in this way. How could I dare to change anything?

P.S. Artist Olga Belka thanks the «Dolphin Diving Center» in Sharm El Sheikh for the provided conditions for underwater painting.