canvas, underwater painting



When I was painting the artwork “Safely home”“Safely home” last year, with their jolly Nemos and their green anemone home, I would never have thought that I would come back here again. And now they are here modeling again. I expected them to joyfully recognize me and rush to greet me. But no, they gave me a blank look and continued with their business. People say that aquarium fish has a very short memory of 10 seconds – two rounds around the aquarium, and the new life has started. Looks like the sea fish is about the same!

Though this painting is not devoted to the sea creatures, but to the light and its reflections. Did you know that the water surface reflects the light from inside as well? Lots of sunlight, lots of glare and lots of reflections! It turned out to be very difficult to work in the shallow. Water kept pushing my hands and tried to turn over my easel all 4 dives.

P.S. Underwater artist Olga Belka appreciates the Alexei Chernyaev’s diving club in Dahab for all the help and support in creating this painting.