The rose of Bodrum

The rose of Bodrum
canvas, underwater painting


1100 EUR

I painted this etude during one short dive at the underwater museum in Bodrum.

The organizers of the Bodrum Art Fair gave me an amazing opportunity to see the underwater world of Turkey and to paint here. A private boat, a whole bay and a team of professional divers were at my disposal. I was surrounded by various underwater sculptures and curious fish, but I was focused on a huge statue of a rose and my tiny canvas. I tried to work fast. Being used to tropical seas I felt cold in Turkish water at the beginning of summer. The caring staff of the Askin dive center did their best for my warmth and comfort, but anyway I was back to the boat in one hour.

I am very fond of underwater exhibitions and artificial reefs. Being eco friendly, they not only make diving more interesting, but also become cozy houses for marine life. This helps a variety of marine life. It’s wonderful that we have such a place in Bodrum

P.S. Underwater artist Olga Belka appreciates Bodrum Art Fair team, Budrum Munucipality Prime Tour and Askin Diving Center for all the help and support in creating this painting.