Наследие веков (картина написана под водой)

canvas, underwater painting

Olga belka underwater painter подводный художник Ольга Белкина подводная живопись

These amphoras at the bottom, of course, are not an archaeological value. They were created and flooded by the forces of the nearby dive centers at a depth of 8-10 meters specifically to attract tourists. In addition, they serve as an excellent refuge for fish and convenient home for corals.
The artwork was painted for four dives. While I was engaged in fixed objects, a few stingrays and a huge phlegmatic fish, Napoleon, almost the size of me, watched my work. But they refused to pose for me. My reliable friends lionfishes rescued me. It seems I have with them some kind of supernatural connection. Wherever I appear with an underwater easel, they come out of their shelter, spread their gorgeous wings and poisonous fins in front of me and begin their slow, fascinating dance.».

Olga Belka underwater painter

PS. Thanks to Dolphin Diving Center for their support.