(English) Underwater artist Olga Belka conquered Taiwan

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Russian artist Olga Belka conquered the guests at the exhibition in Taiwan.

From April 26 to April 29 famous exhibition Art Revolution Taipei 2019 was held in Taiwan. Artist Olga Belka from Russia became one of the most striking and memorable person, presenting her unique paintings painted underwater.

Delighted guests, who could not hide their surprise from the presented works, were amazed by the paint application technique that Olga herself developed. Of course, it is not a secret to anyone that painting under the sea is not easy.

The most famous paintings of Olga Belka were sold at a great price, even organizers of the exhibition bought pieces of art by Olga Belka for themselves. The press from all over Asia showed an incredible interest in Olga and her work. For sure this is a great success for Olga Belka!
In these days the atmosphere in the gallery was sincere and welcoming

There was a lot of press, representatives of international galleries, and celebrities. Artists sincerely rejoiced and accepted congratulations.