(English) Double date

(English) Double date
(English) canvas, underwater painting

(Русский) 20×30
2019 год


ขออภัย รายการนี้ใช้ได้เฉพาะใน อังกฤษ – อเมริกัน, รัสเซีย, 中文 และ 繁體中文

I have completed the “Double date” sketch at a depth of four meters during two pool dives sessions. Well, I do it sometimes. Even a small painting requires drying before refining the details. So, on my first dive, I took this small A4 canvas and mapped out the main shapes of corals, butterflyfish, and background silhouettes.

Then I switched to another work and devoted the next hour and a half to it. A couple of days later, after the sketch has been dried correctly, I finished it in the same way. Preparing all the equipment, coming into and leaving the water, finding a place and all other organizational aspects take much effort and time. It is much easier to spend maximum time at the bottom, having submerged once. The study is just my search for composition and a story about fish swimming in pairs. One day it will be formed as a bigger painting.

P.S. Underwater artist Olga Belka thanks the Anantara group and especially the Anantara Dhugu resort in the Maldives for hospitality, full assistance, and support, as well as the Aquafanatics dive center for safety and the best diving conditions when creating this underwater artwork.