(English) Dynamics

(English) Dynamics
(English) canvas, underwater painting

(English) 50х35

3200 EUR

ขออภัย รายการนี้ใช้ได้เฉพาะใน อังกฤษ – อเมริกัน, รัสเซีย, 中文, 繁體中文 และ ตุรกี

I painted the “Dynamics” in 3 dives. I was very much attracted to the light green and yellow cabbage-shaped corals, and the abundance of life around. Right above the corals, there was a herd of light-orange fish. A couple of times I saw some butterflyfish, sometimes called “banners” for their bright colors. Lionfish of all shapes and sizes were roaming around as well.

While I was working, one of the lionfishes came around, demonstrated its colorful outfit, and turned back, which looked like a fashion show. But my muse was another one – a black-and-white beauty, which I portrayed 4 times. I followed it and painted it in the places and poses that it chose.

P.S. Artist Olga Belka thanks the diving center “Sea Danser” in Dahab for the provided conditions for underwater painting.