Olga Belka is generating her artwork using Midjourney on Discord

The unique underwater artist Olga Belka started generating her artworks using Midjourney on Discord. Olga has decided to become the world’s first to create art underwater using AI surrounded by fish, manta rays, and sharks. The artist expects to enrich further her admirers’ view on art and technology collaboration, and she’s more than ready to improvise.

She won’t give up her underwater painting on canvas. Olga’s art has always been and will always be eco-friendly. Reef safety was confirmed recently by the international marine conservation organization Ocean Quest Global. So Olga will paint underwater again soon. But now the artist is interested to incorporate tech and explore the great tech unknown. Many artists vote to ban neural networks, but Olga wants to try all the new opportunities.

It looks challenging. But real artists must challenge themselves. When Olga Belka just started painting underwater, many people also said it would be impossible. People purchase her paintings not only because of the unique way they were created but also because of the energy that radiates from them. This is just a new way to create an artwork.