Olga Belka’s art is certified as Reef-safe

In June 2023, Anuar Abdullah, a renowned oceanographer, invited Olga to conduct research on her art regarding eco-friendliness.

Olga Belka’s activities were certified by the international marine conservation organization Ocean Quest Global and Olga got the Reef Safety Certificate based on the results of this research. “We have found no evidence of any negative environmental impact Olga’s paintings cause,” — Anuar Abdullah, oceanographer.

Olga is an environmental activist, who spends some of her income on ocean cleaning, actively participates in coral reef protection initiatives, and donates her paintings to charity auctions.

Olga Belka has been receiving questions about the environmental friendliness of her art more and more often lately. Visitors to her exhibitions and her social media followers show great interest in protecting the ocean. Olga believes that such concern for the environment is a good sign.

Olga’s art has always been and will always be eco-friendly. This research just helped to prove this. People purchase Olga’s underwater paintings not only because of the unique way they were created but also because of the energy that radiates from them. However, it is essential to inform the audience that Olga’s painting process is safe for coral reefs.

Olga Belka underwater artist - Reef safety certificate

Olga Belka underwater artist – Reef safety certificate

The full text of the conclusion can be found here.