canvas, underwater painting


3900 USD

When I saw Nina, the dive-master, I realized that I need to have her as my under-water model. I was impressed by the color of her hair and the sense of calm that she was emitting. I offered her to meditate under the water, without mask and diving gear. She had only a water tank. We took 2 dives together with Nina, and 2 dives I did alone.

If you are underwater and relaxed, then very soon your breath rhythm goes in sync with the tide, the heartbeat of the ocean. The sea takes you as your own and accepts you in its midst. You are surrounded by some curious fish. This was exactly what I wanted.

For this painting, I chose a shallow spot among sea greens. At the end of the dive, Nina put on the mask to look around and saw the baby of a stonefish, a very dangerous species. By that moment the little “stone” was already on my painting.

P.S. Artist Olga Belka thanks the diving center “Sea Danser” in Dahab for the provided conditions for underwater painting.