Another world

Another world
canvas, underwater painting



I created this painting in the Maldives, diving from a boat. Other instructors used this boat in teaching students. The specifics of scuba diving are such that it is difficult to get to the same place of the dive site twice in a row. The reason for this is the presence of strong currents. Besides, I was limited in time. My task was to find an interesting nature with a sandy plateau suitable to place an easel in an hour and a half given a strong current. I tried to capture the beauty and to get back on board.

I worked as quickly as possible, using general strokes and trying to convey the general atmosphere without details. The painting turned out to be a little more expressive than I expected. The captured terrain reminds me of vegetation of other planets and worlds, as they like to depict it in fantastic children’s films and cartoons.

P.S. Underwater artist Olga Belka thanks the Anantara group and especially the Anantara Dhugu resort in the Maldives for hospitality, full assistance, and support, as well as the Aquafanatics dive center for safety and the best diving conditions when creating this underwater artwork.