Safely home

Safely home
canvas, underwater painting


2250 EUR

I made this one within 2 dives at 1.5 meters deep, and in over 3 hours. The incoming wave created ripples on the surface, caressed the green anemone, pushed my hand, and kept putting sand onto my work. It was far more difficult to work in shallow water. Strong current tried to overturn my easel and me. Still, I was able to portray two curious Nemo fishes, joyfully looking out of their anemone home, ready to hide again at any moment.

My stripy models lived close by the site where I created my “Harmony”“Harmony”. And one time I realized that I start recognizing them, and it looked like they were able to recognize me as well.

P.S. Artist Olga Belka thanks the diving center “Sea Danser” in Dahab for the provided conditions for underwater painting.