Tsunami Memorial

Tsunami Memorial
canvas, underwater painting


2900 USD

The 2004 tsunami had terrible devastating effects throughout Southeast Asia, including Thailand. An underwater memorial has been erected in the Similan National Park in memory of the dead. Divers from all over the world visit it every day.

One of the sculptures is the figure of a girl lying at the bottom in an unnatural position. The soul is filled with compassion at the sight of her. We do not know who she was or what her name was. However, the Thais say that this is not just a collective image. This sculpture was installed on the donations of one of the tourists in memory of his deceased lover.

When I first saw this sculpture, it struck me. I specially came to the Similan National Park to paint and to honor the memory of all those who died in that terrible tragedy. I was not able to spend a few days at this dive site due to the diving logistics in the National Park. Therefore, I painted a part of the coral reef in another part of Similan, and I finished this artwork in one of the bays of Phuket. Luckily, а starfish doesn’t have a face, one started posing and the other continued!