(English) Gossips

(English) Gossips
(English) canvas, underwater painting

(English) 30×20


ขออภัย รายการนี้ใช้ได้เฉพาะใน อังกฤษ – อเมริกัน, รัสเซีย, 中文 และ 繁體中文

For the first time, I dedicated my work to clownfish without being distracted by anything else. I was constantly keeping a close watch on their mobility. In their behavior caution was mixed with curiosity. They have hidden from the strong current in their anemone house, then boldly swam away from it for almost a meter and hurried back. All the time they seemed to be whispering something in each other’s ears. In the study “Gossip” these funny associations have been captured.

The same clownfish became the heroes of such paintings as “Sleeping anemone”“Sleeping anemone”, “Nemo’s games”“Nemo’s games”, “Nemo’s smile”“Nemo’s smile”, “Cute talks”“Cute talks”, “Moving home”“Moving home” and others.