Almost zebras

Almost zebras
canvas, underwater painting


2250 EUR

Not far from this coral bush I was creating another painting. In the corner of my eye, I kept noticing the black-and-white movement of its inhabitants. I decided to dedicate a separate painting to these striped fingernail size “giants” and their winding house. The water was surprisingly warm, my coral was located on a cozy sandy glade at a depth of 3 meters. So, I created this painting during two dives of two hours long each. When working on this plot, I was lucky to see a butterflyfish. It has come to me to provide support for the black-and-white-striped theme.

Well, my current Plein air was very rich in this type of butterflies. When I realized that I could paint them with my eyes closed I began to ignore them. But my disgraced models kept coming and persistently occupied correct places for composition.

P.S. Artist Olga Belka thanks the «Dolphin Diving Center» in Sharm El Sheikh for the provided conditions for underwater painting.